Take-Off from JO71AD (earth curvature inplied)

Altitude slices to the main headings as a function of distance. Included is the earth curvature. Basic purpose is to check out how high RS clouds need to be to overcome close obstacles to work DX on 10 GHz. Gotta dig into some math to make estimations (fold scatter hight/distance with local take off). Altitude slices were done with TOP50 software, only works to country borders, there are even higher mountains in OK to the south, so 180 deg slice tells not the whole truth.

0 deg, takeoff not bad, needed abt 4 deg elevation to
get max tropo signal from DL1DVE/p in JO74/64

315 deg, flat land, often RS signals from PA, worked into JO01 (889 km)

270 deg, same as for 315 deg, working station QRB 600 km
whenever there is some RS in between

225 deg, not a bad takeoff, thunder clouds over jn59 often yield into DX from jn48/47/37

180 deg, looks better as it actually is, clouds to south need to be very high to work DX,
worked into JN63 (800 km) twice when RS was over JN78,
thunder over the alps is higher than over flat land, a bonus in that direction

135 deg, slice does not tell the truth, mountain chain in OK gets much higher, but can work OL2R (227 km) tropo with 56 sigs every day.

90 deg, does not look gud, not much stations to work in that direction, so lack of experience

45 deg, no much traffic from SP, some initial elevation would be neccesarry, but no experience at all