DX on 10 GHZ depending from Thunder Center Location

The following shows weather radar pictures assosiated with long haule DX openings. The point of recording this is to maybe find some pattern of scatterpoint locations in relation to when what station can be worked. It should be noted that wetteronline.de changed the contrast of the cloud density, on some pics blue is a dense center, on some pics its purple.

G3LQR worked

2003, May 31. QSO with G3LQR, G4EAT and G3XDY were also heard. Opening was only for some minutes. Range 889 km QTF 285/110, Sigs 51s/53s. scp in JO40HH. QRB to scp 400/489 km. Rig G3LQR 5 Watt/1 m offset dish (70 kW ERP).

F6DKW worked, F5HRY almost complete

2003, June 10, QSO DF2CK in JO71AD with F6DKW in JN18CS. Range 882 km, QTF from JO71AD 270 deg, QTF from JN18CS 75 deg. Scatterpoint (scp) JO41AS. QRB from JO71AD to scp 400 km. QRB from JN18CS to scp 482 km. RST 52s/52s. At DF2CK 10 Watt/120 cm offset dish (120 kW ERP). At F6DKW 10 W/60 cm parabol dish (80 kW ERP)

more to be added when I find the pix somewhere in my local network :)

last changed July 15 2003