10 GHz Beacon Database in EXCEL Format that Calculates the QTF from any Locator to any Beacon

download the file here

I created this list because DL1DVE was about to go on a 10 GHz expedition to different locators. To be able to check for beacons from different location (changing heading towards the beacons) and to be able to compensate frequency drifts of the local oscillator, this tool can be used. The source file is from LA0BY`s Homepage, the idea and the formulas are by DF2ZC. All I did was to edit the beacon list. If you have additional info abt ERP, heading, etc. of beacons let me know. Also if there are errors. Of course, you can edit the list according to your needs, add new beacons, etc.

set your locator
Put your own locator in there, it must be capital letters.

set ur IF offset
Set the readout of your IF-radio that you see when you are tuned to 10368.100 MHz here