How to get on worldconvers channel 10368

As an invention of DG1VL, channel 10368 on worldconvers has become to be a very
helpful tool for station that are qrv on 3 cm. During periods of good condx or during
contest as many as 50 different station may be connected. Here is how to join....

via the packet radio network:

call via command 1 command 2
PI5EHV PI5EHV w /c 10368
DB0TUD-11 DB0DSD wconvers -c10368 -
DB0AAB-12 DB0AAB /c 10368 /le 4719
DB0BM-8 DB0BM wconvers -c10368 -
EA5RKE-6 EA5RKE /join 10368 -
DB0ERF-8 DB0ERF wc 10368 -
DB0ZWI-11 DB0ZWI /c 10368 -

via telnet:

call command 1 command 2 command 3 command 4
IR5PIT "your call" conf /n "your call" /c 10368

This listing is (of course) not complete. If you have info about other nodes, pse send an email to me.

you will need to know a few commands to come along in convers, here are the most important:

command string description
/? print help information
/a [text] mark user as being away
/la [call] list last appearances of [call]
/m [call] [text] Send message to [call]
/p [text] set personal description
/q quit
/w * list users on your channel