shack, shortwave area
20/15/10, shuntfed mast and loop for 40m 2m/70/23/13cm (left) - warc beam (right)

  WLAN two Port Splitter


  Triplexer for RF/2 m/70 cm

  1 Watt - 10 GHz PA

  AO-40 meets MMANA

  10 GHz Loc Statistic

  23 cm Yagi Construction

  Rainscatter WX-Info

  12 V/24 V DC-DC Converter

  10/24 GHz Combo Station

  simple Sequencer

  DF2CK 10 GHz Station

  Helix Antenna Design

  10 GHz Beacon List

  23 cm Filter Design

  10 GHz Beacon List for JO71AD

  SMA-Relay Properties

  Soundcard DSP Monitoring

  ADXL202 as Elevation Sensor

  Takeoff from JO71AD

  CI-V Interface for Icom Radios

  worked DX vs. Radar Pics

  Waveguide Properties

  SCP seen from JO71AD

  ...other hobbies

  Webcam (is not always online)

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